DuBarry 5612 (1943) Valentine Dress: Part IV

Listening: 1960's mix.

Okay, so . . . to recap.  Here is the dress:

 . . . and the fabric:

. . . so, with eyelet trim, it should look a bit like this (in a highly idealized world, I mean):

(That's my cat's food prescription in my hand, by the way, not a Valentine.  Because . . . ha, ha, ha!)

I even have awesome shoes to wear with it:

Rampage white eyelet platform heels.  I got these by accident.  I ordered some shoes from a sketchy place on eBay and they sent these by mistake.  I emailed to make sure I had the correct return address and they said don't bother, they were on last-call clearance, anyway, and they didn't even have the inventory information for them.  And then they sent the shoes I'd ordered, too.

I did some pattern alterations and a test muslin last year and for once in my life I remembered something correctly--it did fit pretty well:

I have a low bust.  You know who else had a low bust?  Bette Davis.  I'm in awesome company.  I learned that from a biography of Edith Head.

I've found lately that, now that I notice more about how my clothes fit, they're often a bit snug across the upper back.  Things have been fitting better now that I've started adding a little extra width.  This seems to fit OK but I suspect it, too, will be tight once I have sleeves on it, so . . . an extra inch it is:

Ordinarily, this would create a shoulder or neck dart, but here it just fades into the princess seam.

I cut and seamed the back last night and I'm working on the seam finish today at lunch.