Happy [slightly belated] 2015

Listening: Bottle Rockets "Get Down, River".

A lot of stuff and yet nothing specifically happened over the holidays.  Nothing big.  I did finish Hollywood 1411 but not in time for Christmas, of course, so it hasn't been worn yet.  Ha.  I managed to injure my foot.  It's not serious but it's pretty gnarly-looking and the doctor gave me some ointment for it, so I spent a lot of time going shoeless.  (Healing nicely.  Still kind of gross, but much less gross than it was on Wednesday.)

I don't really do resolutions because I feel that I don't live up to enough expectations as it is, but my non-resolutions include getting out more, being more disciplined about my crafts, learning new stuff at work (I'm looking at you, encoded archival description), and playing more music.

Hey, cat--you're still on the table.  Nice try, though.

The half-circle shawl is marching right along: