DuBarry 1944 5986 St. Patrick's Day dress part X - Muslin #6

This is ridiculous.

This dress assembles very easily--I could probably cut and do most of the basic sewing in an hour (not counting seam finishing and setting the zipper).  Seriously, it's a piece of cake.

Fitting the bloody thing, though, will require me to work 42 hours straight on Saturday alone.  

I made a full muslin last night.  I was right--I added too much length to the bodice, but that's easy to fix.  I need to taper out a little more under the arms.  The front is poochy but I think shortening the waist and taking in the underarms will help that, and it's meant to be a little fluffy in the front with the gathering and the bow.  I think I need to add a little width to the front skirt to make the gathered sections look better, too.

I haven't even looked at the sleeves, which will be their own engineering project.  Sleeves always are.

You can't see it here, but the waist seam is below the belt.  But . . . progress.