DuBarry 1944 5986 St. Patrick's Day dress part XI - OMG REAL FABRIC

The packet of this pattern says "Easily Made".  That's a half-truth, at best.  Okay, it does in fact assemble with remarkable ease, but that's after you go through six and a half fitting muslins and take four inches out under the arms.

These pictures look like nothing because black fabric doesn't photograph well, but, trust me, it's like 75% done.  I have to do a little bit of hand-finishing today at lunch and then go home and figure out the sleeves.  That's it.  I didn't even cry when setting the zipper, and I tried it on last night and it looks like a dress. 

I added an inch and a half to each side of the skirt because the waist gathers looked skimpy.  Yeah, I know--fabric rationing fail.  Sorry.

But barring something completely unexpected, it should be done for Tuesday!