DuBarry 1944 5986 St. Patrick's Day dress part VIII


I swear this pattern is the Traveling Pants in reverse: No matter how much measuring and testing I do, it doesn't fit in a whole new way each time.

I'm sure I measured about a dozen times and altered accordingly but the waist is still an inch too small and I have no idea where that inch went.  Easy to fix, but it sure feels like a moving target.  

This is the fourth muslin.  I've made so many I've run out of the ugly beige bedsheet:

And I cut the armscyes out a little but am now reconsidering.  I'll worry about that later.  The bust fits well now, thou.  I'm going to attach a skirt of sorts to this to make sure it hangs at all the way it should before I waste more scrap on yet another bodice muslin.

I brought the patterns to work with me today to re-measure them over lunch and see if I can figure out what happened.