Marian Martin 1942 9928 Telephone Girl part I

Up next: Marian Martin 9928 from 1942.  

This was one of the first vintage patterns I bought, at least six years ago, and I keep putting off sewing it as a "reward" for clearing up some less-tantalizing projects.  But that's ridiculous: I love it, and I went to a lot of trouble to pick out the fabric, and I should sew it now.  Right now. 

It's a pretty basic early-1940's housedress, but so what?  It's adorable:

Marian Martin was a mail-order company, closely related to Anne Adams and, I suspect, a bunch of  "magazine-branded" companies.  They started in the 1930's and petered out in the 1980's.  Mail order companies were heavy on housedresses and, later, casual wear.  They seem to have been sold largely through agricultural magazines.

The fabric is an out-of-print (well, it wasn't when I bought it but it is now.  Flickr says I uploaded the picture in June 2009!) Aunt Grace print.  The flowers are about half an inch.  But it's purple, so it's a logical choice for Easter, too, right?

My copy of the pattern is a bust 36.  That will make the skirt easy--I just have to take up the waist--but will require a grade down of the bodice, after which I anticipate some wrestling with fit.  That looks like it could be blousy and oversized around the upper chest and shoulders.  We'll see.

I haven't decided on buttons yet but I think they'll probably be straightforward white pie-crust buttons.  I hadn't considered trim, either.  I'm not quite feeling rick-rack this time but maybe I can score some tiny crochet lace if I feel it needs a little detail.  I think I'm pretty OK with it plain, though.

Update: Buttons!  From CountryNMore2 on Etsy.  I could even sew them on in bright red thread if I were feeling that matchy.