Marian Martin 1942 9928 Telephone Girl part II: Wearable muslin overkill

I spent Sunday putting way too much work into a wearable muslin.  Ha, ha.  

I shouldn't have done this, but once I got the pattern pieces traced and graded and some of the altering done, it seemed close enough that wasting all that work on something that wouldn't be used seemed silly.  So I got out some old green cotton-poly percale that a friend gave me.

Yes, it has orange facings.  Sue me.

I even splurged on rick-rack.  I need another pack of it, though.

If it fails, I still will not regret the green cat's-eye buttons I ordered:

The fabric is truly craptastic but it if it's usable as a weekend dress it won't have been wasted.  I think I need to pinch a little more out underneath the arms (this seems to be a thing with me) but, mostly, it's gone together well so far.  The bodice might be the right length or it might be a bit too long, but I think I'll know for sure once the skirt is on.