Butterick 1983 4948 April Showers part II

I got sidetracked for awhile by a sick cat, but she's back to eating and attacking my feet so I think that is in the clear.

The buttons.  These are decorative only, not functional, and they're just cheap craft buttons that I think came in one of those big mix-and-match bags, but they work.

I forgot to get more narrow bias and ended up cutting the leftovers from wide bias I'd used on the armscyes in half lengthwise to finish the trim on the skirt.  Yup.  It was a pain.

(The buttons are on the pockets and neckline.  You can't really see them here, though.)


julie said…
I really like this April Showers dress and what you have done with the bias detail. I have been following your blog since I had the good fortune to win your wonderful Marion Martin dress on pattern review. Our styles are definitely similar and I always love your pattern and fabric choices and look forward to seeing what you have created. You are an interesting person. I am glad to hear that misspickel is on the mend.