McCall's 4663 (1975) yoked peasant dress

I got distracted by my pattern collection yesterday.

I've had 4663 for awhile.  I'm not sure when/why I bought it; I'm sure it was really cheap but it's not necessarily the kind of pattern that works particularly well for me.


I'm making the dress.  It's a lot longer than they make it look.  I haven't decided yet how long it will actually be.  I originally planned to use a mid-length pattern with a ruffle around the bottom but I couldn't find the pattern.  This one is similar.  But I think I'm still shooting for mid-length.  I like the idea of long but maybe not with this print.


Red-orange and brown bandana print.  It's cotton, not cotton-polyester, amazingly enough.  It's not that faded in real life; this isn't a good picture.

My pattern is a bust 36.  I left the back yoke the same width since I always have to add width, anyway, and reduced the overall width of the front yoke, but then did a makeshift FBA but spreading a small wedge from the shoulder down (Photoshop-enhanced):

The yoke.  This shows the fabric better.

I mean to get more done but the cat was awful and then fell asleep in my lap.