New York 1950s 1490 Two-Fer, Part VIII


I should have known better.  Bodice is too big, hips are super tight.  I should have known this since the skirt didn't have darts or a lot of shaping.  Sigh.  I managed to order more fabric--on clearance; the last of it--and I can salvage parts from the dress, but it needs a lot of help.

I need to learn to fit patterns by sloper.  Or something.  I need some new methods.

This is the pattern layout with the skirt pieces.  Notice how the sweep of the skirt is almost entirely at the bottom side, and the center back seam is almost straight.  There are no waist darts.  This cut assumes that your backside is mostly flat.  That's the case for many women but definitely not for me.

I think I probably need to make the skirt more like this:

So, apparently, now that I go back and look, I own at least ten other patterns of a similar age that have four-piece skirts I could borrow for this. 

All of them have pieces that look more or less like this (Butterick 7053, 1954):

 . . . which sort of leads me to suspect a major design and/or drafting fail on somebody's part at New York patterns.