Simplicity 1971 9778 Part II

No new pix, but I have all the hand finishing done on the side seams and pockets.  I made the flounce last night but haven't attached it yet.  Then I just have to do the sleeves, which shouldn't be too bad since they're to be gathered in, not fitted to the armscye, the buttons, and the buttonholes.  I'm still debating the buttons: I have some that I like but only three, and I need four fasteners for the front yoke.  I could either go look for a set of four maroon buttons or use a hook and bar on the band collar.

Tropical Storm Bill hit Monday night and my office closed yesterday.  It ended up being much ado about very little for most of Houston--the worst of it was to the west of us.  I was up early, though, and spent the day running errands and cooking.  We got some good rain but not enough to cause us any problems.