Simplicity 7627 (1976) peasant blouse Part I

I've gotten totally distracted.

A friend of mine and I got into a discussion awhile back about the Wiksten Tova shirt/dress pattern.  Mostly about how 80% of them need FBA's.  But, anyway . . . I have Simplicity 7627 (1976), which is pretty much the same idea:

And I figured I'd wing it.  This is my size so I don't even need to do a lot of altering (in theory).  I measured and then added 1 1/2 inches across the back, with shoulder darts to take it up again at the shoulder seams.

This is a I-hope-it's-wearable muslin so I used some old (it's 35 inches wide, so it's no newer than early 1970's) cotton-but-mostly-poly "chambray" stripe that I got from my great-aunt Marian's stuff after my great-uncle passed away.

I wish this were cotton so it would be a nice texture, but it's not.  Oh, well.  It was free.  Destashing and all.

The stripe doesn't have a symmetrical repeat so I had to seam down the middles of both the back and the front:


 . . . which will make it even stiffer and weirder.  But whatever.  If it even sort-of works I have other, softer, nicer fabric to use.

I was in a textile frenzy this weekend.   I probably sacrificed a bunch of old T-shirts to an experiment.   It turns out that De-Solv-It (an orange oil solvent/cleaner) does take deodorant build-up out of fabric, but then you're left with the problem of getting the orange oil out.  It's sort of the Caddyshack gopher-hunting approach.  So . . . yeah, it "worked" but I don't recommend it.

Anyway, then I threw 2 1/2 yards of muslin in the washer with one box of Rit Tangerine and one bottle of Rit Scarlet.  This gives you a bright papaya red:

I'll try that next if this pattern fits at all.