Simplicity 7627 (1976) peasant blouse Part II


I've had allergies or something going on and basically haven't felt that great for the past month.  I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow.  I'm sure by then the complaint in question will have miraculously resolved itself and I'll look like a total hypochondriac.  Meanwhile, I didn't sleep well last night because the house was too hot, and I think I managed to give myself a Benadryl hangover. I also ate an unmentionable amount of sugar and salt this weekend--my eyes were almost comically puffy this morning--and that definitely didn't help.  I feel like death warmed over this morning.

I'm this far on the blouse.  Pity the fabric is so awful because the stripe effect is nice.  Maybe I'll make another one out of actual cotton once I get the fit figured out.