Butterick 1954 7053 Ralph Lauren roses brunch coat

I'm going to take a detour again but it's not out of hare-brained-ness this time.  I actually do need this.  Okay, maybe not this, specifically, but something like it.

Butterick 7053 (1954) "brunch coat", which seems to be a garment less sloppy than a housecoat but not quite as presentable as a housedress.  I guess it's the housecoat that married into the upper class.  Anyway, if you're going to lounge around in something, it might as well be fun.  Sometimes I sleep in a tank top so I need a coverup.

This has a long zipper in the front.

I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to do the scoop neck or the revers.  I'm leaning toward scoop neck with bias stripe trim.  I'll probably use the shorter skirt simply because I don't think I'll have enough fabric otherwise; it's a Ralph Lauren bedsheet.

I plan to make another one in flannel for winter, with the 3/4 sleeves:

Also, this has a four-paneled A-line skirt, which is what I need for New York 1490 that failed so miserably.  If I have to fit it for one project, anyway, I might as well use it for another.