McCall's 2440 (1961): Back-wrap apron dress

Good grief--now I'm even detouring from detours.

I made McCall's 2440 five years ago, out of pink cotton-polyester with pink and white gingham binding.  It's pretty much the perfect summer housedress.  The only thing I did "wrong" was that I was new to sewing at the time and didn't know to lower the bust darts/lengthen the bodice a little.

The pattern calls it an "apron".  As in "bungalow apron", I guess, since none of these women are wearing it over another dress.

This is a dress I can sew in a day, cat permitting.

I had this Jules and Coco Japanese-ish flower print that I got for another project.  I kind of wasn't feeling the pattern + fabric combination, though, so I did the bust adjustment on 2440 and got to work.

Delft blue binding.  I sort of wish I'd used the slate blue instead but this is a close second:

I had to add a button and loop on the back.  I need to go back and reposition them tonight.  Also, since the bodice is no longer to short/pulled tight, the shoulders are pretty loose.  This is a small-medium-large sized pattern, not an individually-sized pattern, so the fit is kind of fast and loose, anyway.  I'm going to try taking the binding off the neckline and putting some small darts in to save this one, but then I'm going to fiddle with the pattern a bit.   I think if I basically take the upper part of the bodice in a size but leave the lower part, I should be OK.

I have some scrap fabric to test it but then I might use the yellow oversized atomic print for another go-round.