Capper's Weekly 2875 (1950's) Western dress

Scrambling to catch up . . .

I have actual social obligations in the next two weeks.  I hardly recognize my own life.  Two of them are semi-professional: One is the employee awards dinner (much less formal than it sounds.  Employee awards is where I discovered my aptitude for Wii basketball) and the other is a dinner lecture given by a doctor who might mention my organization in his talk, so it seems impolitic not to have a few of us in attendance.  Plus . . . free dinner.

I've just found out that the Habsburg exhibit at the museum of fine arts is closing soon so I should go see that, and Friday, I'm actually going to see live music.

I'm half-dying and half-dreading this.  I love the Turnpike Troubadours and this is a CD release concert, so . . . awesome.  But it's downtown at a big commercial concert venue, and I find those hard to deal with.  And I have to park in one of the big public garages, which is also stressful.  (This is the Asperger's talking.)  But I'm going.  Yeah.

I saw them a year or so ago at a bar near my house.  I think the waitress and I were the only two women there with our original hair color, and I was wearing the Drunken Muskrat dress and was possibly the only woman not in stretch jeans and an inexplicable jersey top.  I felt both very old and like a Martian.  But the band was great so . . . whatever.  I'm not there for the audience.

With the understanding that I'll probably feel like a time traveler yet again, anyway, I decided I needed a new dress.  I don't really have time to make this new dress but since when has that stopped me from trying, right?  Thank goodness for Labor Day weekend.

I got outbid on (what I've recently discovered is) Capper's Weekly 2875, from the 1950's, a few years ago.  Later, I found another copy somewhere else.  I love yokes.

Mine is a bust 28 ha ha ha ha.  I know it's generally considered to be a bad idea to try to grade up more than two sizes but it's been sixty years so what else am I going to do?

The fabric is a green plaid homespun with gold lamé running through it in one direction.  I don't trust snaps to hold the whole dress closed--it's going to open all the way down--but I did go with white pearl buttons.

I made self piping to set into the yoke seams.  It's subtle but I like the detail.

The homespun is a bit cheesy, though, as homespun always is, and I'm afraid that the bias yoke, especially, will distort, so I spent most of Saturday finagling a lining.  Fingers crossed that it works.  The whole thing will be lined.