Double petticoat

My Amazon shipment did not arrive on Friday as Amazon claimed it would.  Maybe tomorrow.  I need my black lace!

I spent the weekend on a puffier petticoat instead.  I have two cotton slips I made from a very simple A-line pattern, and they work for most things (I wear closer-fitting nylon slips under the 1940's dresses.  Their tailored skirts need something slippery) but I have a bunch of late 1950's and early 1960's dresses with big dirndl skirts in the sewing queue and I think I need something with a little more width.

Proper petticoats are made from net, or some other lightweight but stiff material.  I don't have any of that, but I have a lot of white cotton, so white cotton it is.  I used my old A-line slip pattern and made a flounce out of three widths of the quarter-circle skirt, which I gathered (box-pleated, actually) onto the outside.  I could starch it if I wanted it stiffer.  It's a little heavy but I'm OK with that.

Applying the flounce was seriously tedious but it wasn't actually a difficult project.  I need to make at least two long petticoats for my reenacting dress.  That will be tedious, for real.

The slip underneath:

Finished petticoat: