Gothic quarter-circle skirt

The black lace for the prairie dress is supposed to be delivered today.  Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I started another quarter-circle skirt.  I originally meant for this to be a regular dirndl and the curved pieces and hem flounce mean I need to go get another piece of fabric to cut the last quarter of the skirt and a few more strips for the ruffle.  It's Moda Morris Apprentice Art Nouveau print in gray and black:

With some black lace I got secondhand (I think.  I might have to use the other lace if there isn't enough of this):

Mispickel was impossible last night.  She's not actually sleeping here.  She was doing the mullet cat: Innocently "asleep" in front, tail twitching furiously in back.

I made the waistband lining and will make the pockets out of solid black to save scrap for the black quilt: