Quarter-Circle skirt

My brother was in town for a few days.  He went home yesterday morning, though.  In the afternoon, I got a wild hare and slipped in an off-the-cuff skirt project.

This is the gathered quarter-circle skirt with which I've been toying for awhile.  I used the pattern for the skirt of the Capper's Weekly cowgirl dress.  This time, I got out the pseudo-African botanical print from Joann's novelty section and just made a big knife-pleated skirt.

I finished the whole thing in one afternoon/evening.  I almost wore it today but decided it really needs that flounced petticoat I've been meaning to make, so I guess I'll do that tonight and wear it tomorrow.  Twenty-eight inches long.  I sort of wish I'd gone slightly longer for a full early-1950's look, but it will be OK.  This isn't a print I would usually have chosen but I think it will look awesome with a white blouse and black shoes and cardigan.