American Pharoah

Charlotte's had a sale this weekend so I got my annual horsey Christmas ornament.  This year was all about American Pharoah: Ornament, Stablemate, and Trad model.

They must have just gotten the Pharoah stuff in because they had six or eight Trad models and a big pile of Stablemates and ornaments.  It was a busy weekend, too.

I haven't settled on a name for this guy yet.  It kind of depends on whether or not I make him a son or grandson (through Firebird) of Rob Roy, I guess, or find an outside pedigree for him.  I think all my bay Thoroughbreds are a bit too related.

I need to take a picture, but I got the buckskin jumping pony, too.  They're calling it a Connemara but it definitely isn't.  Mine will probably end up being a mixed sport pony.  Somebody suggested Gotland but I don't think he's substantial enough, and he doesn't really look like a Welsh B.  I wish they would use that dappled buckskin paint job on a bunch of other models, though; he's gorgeous.