Chemistry Quilt Part 2

I went to three or four different shops (OK, all the shops in my area) on Saturday looking for counterpane fabric for the chemistry quilt.  Too blue, too green, too pale, too intense, too dark, too bright, too busy, too organic, etc.  None of them worked.  I finally went to the other Hancock's in Conroe, which sometimes has a better selection than the one nearer to me, and they had a nice aqua with wobbly pinstripes.  It's not what I had hoped for, but if you don't see the ideal I had in my head, it looks good.  I was hoping for tone-on-tone squares or baby blocks or something more crystalline, but . . . whatever.  The color is dead-on and it's at least not a plain solid.

Going together quickly:

Sorry, the design wall is in the upstairs hallway so I can't take a good straight-on picture.  I'll have to do that on the clothesline or something when I have the top all sewn together.