Simplicity 2015 1080 Dottie Angel Part II

So the first test round was a lot of WTF.

The pattern pieces, front and back, are identical except for the markings for the pockets and waist tucks on the front.  I knew going into this that the neckline would be too big, and I could tell from measuring the pieces that the bust would be borderline.  I decided to wing it and do a test using a small for the back with a medium, with small tucks in the shoulders, in the front.

The result was that the shoulders were enormous and the bust was just barely big enough.  I raised the neckline probably two inches in the back and an inch and a half in the front, and made it an inch narrower, and it's still huge.  I'm going home tonight to try using the back neckline from Butterick 4948, with neckline darts, and then a small in the front, but with an FBA.

This happens every time I want a simple project: Part of my brain is all like, just let it go and don't be so fussy, and the other part is all like, ain't gonna happen, sister--you're already talking FBA's and neck darts.  But if I don't like wearing it, it's a waste, right?