Stash sorting

I've been seriously off the sewing rails since the quilt mania around New Year's (friend loved the chemistry quilt, by the way).

I took Friday off and spent the weekend sorting my fabric stash.  


I mean . . . wow.

I have too much fabric.  Like, "should open a shop" too much fabric.  Unfortunately, I love all my fabric.

Mispickel loves my fabric, too:

Consumerist shame aside, I did pull out a few large pieces to give away, threw away a lawn-and-leaf bag of scraps that I had lazily collected but that were too small and/or shredded and/or terrible fabric to realistically be of use, and I'm putting together a box of larger scraps to offer the church ladies who make donation quilts (I have a couple of small bins to go through).  I hung all my oversized yardage, bedsheets, etc, in the closet, neatly folded my regular yardage and organized it roughly by color. 

I didn't finish it but I'm down to one bin that needs to be sorted and refolded, and the aforementioned culling of smaller bins (the Civil War fabric bin in particular can probably be reduced).

More importantly, I saw all my fabric and now I can find it more easily, which means I'll be able to use it.  Part of my problem has been that I'd plan a project and then couldn't find both the pattern and the fabric at the same time.  I sold a bunch of patterns recently so that collection is a little more manageable, and now I can find the fabrics I want to use.