Butterick 1983 4948 Belle France raspberry rose Part I

I've had this fabric for a long time but I think I finally have the pattern the way I want it, so here goes:

Butterick 1983 4948 yet again:

The idea: 1920's style shirtwaist dress with shoulder darts, long sleeves, and shirt collar.

The main fabric is . . . either Kona or Moda Bella, and I might have overdyed it.  I've forgotten now.  The color is between deep raspberry pink and rose:

The disadvantage here is that it's been impossible to find buttons.  I wanted matching pie-crust buttons, more or less, and they don't exist.  I have several selections on order so, fingers crossed, one of them will work.

The skirt facing, cuff linings, and the underside of the collar will be gray DS Quilts leaf print, because I'm short on the pink fabric and because I like them together:

I rotated the bust dart to the shoulder.  The dart doesn't get sewn all the way down, though; I'll get a pic of the bodice front in the next post:

 Same with the back neck dart.  The darts line up when you sew up the shoulder seams:

 No more of this continuous lap nonsense.  A shirtwaist dress gets shirt sleeve plackets:

Thank you, David Page Coffin and your Shirtmaking book.  Also, this is like the best thread/fabric match ever.

See?  I'm right, aren't ?