Endless loose ends

I'm not working on any one thing right now.  I have an embarrasing pile of UFO's that really should not take much to process--either finish or demolish for scrap--and mending jobs hanging over my head.  I guess it's time to make another list.  Not that I ever follow my lists, right?

1. Marian Martin 9928 (1942)/Telephone girl needs new shoulder pads.  I made them wrong and they bunched up in the wash.

2. I need to iron my white New York blouse.  Still.  I hate ironing.

3. I took the skirt off my old brown plaid brushed cotton reenacting dress, so I need to figure out which skirt pattern will fit on the available fabric.  Even if it's just a plain gathered skirt, that's OK, but it shouldn't take much to finish it.

4. The gray-green homespun that I used for the failed reenacting costume has been mostly saved. I saved the skirt in one piece and have the bodice, from which I could make a waistband, so I could get another gathered skirt out of this.

5. When I was reorganizing fabric, I pulled the sixth version of Butterick 4948 (1983) out of the closet.  I started this before I added the width to the upper back, so it's snug between the shoulders.  But it does fit.  And it was so close to being finished--all it needed was sleeves and buttons.  The buttonholes were done, even, and a test sleeve was fitted into the armscye.  The Marcus Brother Cocheco Mills fabric is lovely . . .

. . . and I had enough, if I pieced it, to cut sleeves without cutting into my spare yardage.  So . . . yeah, finishing.

6. The Grit 3033 (1946-1947) nightgown was a huge failure that needs serious grading down, but I like the fabric.   Current thought it to cut undo the waist tucks, cut it off at the waist, and add a waistband to make it a summer skirt.   The top would be cut up for the band and the leftovers would go into one of the quilt projects.

7. Fix the Provençal striped skirt.