High and dry

Well, that was exciting.

We had two tornado warnings Sunday night/Monday morning, and a lot of rain.  Like, a whole lot of rain.

My boss called five minutes before I was going to leave for work yesterday and told me we were opening late; don't show up until 10:00.  So I went back to sleep (in my clothes, yes, because whatever).  Then he called again and said, never mind, we were closed.  I probably could not have gotten to work, anyway, and would have called in even if we had opened.

So, I got a little extra sleep.  Later, I went out to check Cypress Creek (high.  It was really high.  I've seen it that high before but it doesn't happen all the time) . . . 

and sewed.  I didn't do anything exciting but I did finish up some nagging mending and mini-projects: Four half-completed pillowcases  . . . 

ironing a blouse that I washed like four months ago, and made new shoulderpads for the Telephone Girl since I messed up the original ones and they bunched up in the wash. 

I altered Butterick 4948 to shoulder darts but haven't tried the pattern yet.

I have three fabrics pulled out for this variant:
1) Aunt Grace Ties One On black large-scale 1920's floral, white Peter Pan collar and cuffs, white buttons to waist, long sleeves.
2) Black on gray plaid homespun, long sleeves, plain bound neckline, black buttons to waist.
3) Rose cotton, shirt collar, long sleeves, rose buttons all the way down.  Finding buttons is going to be tricky; I have some pearlescent ones that would work but aren't really what I want.  I ordered some but I don't know if they'll be the right color.