Baby makes five

No, not that kind of baby.

It seems like all my friends just have stray animals drop into their laps.  One has a cat he found under a Wal-Mart dumpster; one has a kitten he found in his back yard (and later found the mother and siblings, all of which have been adopted out); etc.  I never find kittens.  Stray cats come and hang on our back porch sometimes but they don't stick around.

Well . . . I went out for a walk last night.  I was maybe a mile from the house when I saw a small animal toddle out of the shadows and under a parked truck.  Thinking that it didn't look like a skunk (it was after dark), I went in for a closer look:

I knocked on the door of the house but nobody was home.  There were no adult cats and no other kittens, either.  So I meowed at it

It answered, but wouldn't come any closer, and it kept crawling up into the undercarriage of the truck to hide.  That's a bad thing.  That's how kittens get turned into kitten-burger when unsuspecting drivers start their vehicles in the morning.

It got closer and closer but not close enough, so I called my father and told him to go into the tote I take to work and get the spare can of cat food (because it seems I am now the kind of person who goes around with cat food in her handbag, just in case) and bring it to such-and-such an address.

Luckily, it was hungry.  Hungry enough to be really distracted so that I could grab it while it ate.

It--we're pretty sure it's a she--is a brown bullseye tabby, maybe six or seven weeks old.  Clean but very hungry.  I don't know if it escaped from a house or rode in on the truck or what, because there weren't any other cats around, and I haven't seen any cats on that block.  And she/it is feisty.

Mispickel is not pleased with me but isn't completely freaked out, either, so I think we'll be able to negotiate a truce.

(Her paws really are that big.  I could end up with two very large cats.)


Teri said…
It is a very lucky kitten!