Simplicity 2015 1080 Dottie Angel FBA series part II

So, this is dress #2, the FBA with the side dart.

I feel like something went wrong here.  Maybe with the added length, I needed less FBA?  It seems baggy.  Dress #3 will have a side dart on a smaller FBA, I guess.  (I'm also going to go home and measure it alongside Dress #1 to see if I did something boneheaded.  Pretty sure I didn't but it wouldn't be the first time.)

Not sure I'm going ot keep this dress.  I'm not wild about the fit or the fabrics--it looks very homemade, but not in a cool way, just in a "wearing bedsheets" way.

I need more small darts across the back, too, to keep the fabric from shifting forward as I walk.