Simplicity 2015 1080: Thoroughly Mod[ern] Dottie

Version three of the Dottie Angel dress.  I went back to the kimono sleeves, lowered the waistline, and messed with the pockets.  I need to shift the waist tucks back toward the center back on the next version, but theses are pretty good.

The underarm on the purple dress tore so I reinforced these with bias.  I trimmed the seam allowance back to 1/4 inch, clipped it along the curve, ironed it open (butterflied), and overstitched bias, overlapping the end of the faux-French seam below it.  

This is an overkill variant of Lilacs & Lace's topstitching method.

From the outside.  The raw end of the bias was covered later by the sleeve-edge binding.

Fancy bias hem facing:


I need a better mirror.