My parents are getting ready for a road trip and I promised Mom I'd help her make up some pillowcases to give as gifts.  I figured since I was doing that, I'd make up the ones out of fabric I'd been saving for myself, too.  Mom's are done; I just have to finish the cuff ends on mine.

Total: 21 pillowcases.

I finished hers last night, including this rather spectacular one from Robert Kaufman Effervescence:

I cut off the end and used it to line the open end so I wouldn't have to fold the edge print over:

For Mom, I made: 1 pink fairies, 1 Hallowe'en cats, 1 space men, 1 owls, 1 candy corn, 2 loons, and the Effervescence.

For myself: 1 Midcentury cars flannel, 1 sharks flannel, 1 zebras flannel, 1 folk art birds flannel, 1 sharks cotton, 2 sunflowers, 3 autumn leaves, 1 gourds, 1 constellations flannel, 1 ghost cats flannel, and 1 minerals.  I'm waiting on another piece of fabric in the mail, too.  Whew.

I'm taking some time off next week.  Rhoda goes in on Monday for a spay, and Wednesday I'm taking a road trip up to East Texas to pick up some model horse stuff that a friend needs to unload before she moves.