Simplicity 1866 (1946) and 8242 (2016)

I opened the site a couple of weeks ago and, lo and behold, saw this:

This looks familiar!  I have that pattern!

Well, I have that pattern's grandmother, Simplicity 1866 (1946):

I just cleared out a huge box of patterns and I'm trying not to buy more to acquire new ones more judiciously but I'd already promised myself I would get this in the interest of, uh, science.  Yeah, science.  Okay, specificaly to compare the cuts of the original pattern to the reissue.  I've heard that there is alteration to modernize the fit and now I'll know for sure.

I suspect we'll see a bit of a shoulder-ectomy.  1946 was the height (no pun intended) of the Joan Crawford shoulder, and it's not a look that those of us who survived the Eighties are anxious to repeat, nor is it very comfortable.