Bricks quilt - binding

I was worried about the binding on the bricks quilt looking like an afterthought and considered binding it in plain red or maybe a dark-green mottled mixer print.  I like scrap bindings but I didn't want it to be obvious that none of the prints that are actually in the quilt were available for the binding.

Or . . . not.

I went through Mom's last-chance scrap bin and found--I am not kidding--2 1/2-inch strips of calicos that are in the quilt.  Yes, she still has scraps of them, thirteen years later.  And she had exactly enough for a binding.

Check it out:

Binding applied to the front, and the extra batting cut away:

These barrettes tear out my hair but they're fantastic for quilt bindings.  You can buy packs of plain ones at sewing shops but I have a bunch left over that I don't use any more.

The binding from the back (note: The border is not quilted yet.  Normally, you'd quilt the whole thing before binding it but because this quilt is so small it's not such a big deal):

The first finished corner: