Breyer Stablemate Club 2016 "Django"

Alas, the Vintage Club is way out of my price range, but I can manage the Stablemate Club.  I've signed up again for 2017.  I hope they do fewer glossies--they're nice, but they're hard to photograph and not all of us are into that.  I know the first 2017 horse, Coco, will be glossy, though.

The big deal for 2016 was the #6 horse, Django: A dark-bay tobiano on a new standing Friesian mold.  A lot of people got them with bent ears but I was fortunate yet again: Mine is fine.

Sigil (Alwyn [Friesian] x Bega [Dutch warmblood, by Art Deco]) 2017 dark bay tobiano Friesian sport horse stallion:

I need to work on my lighting--the shadow behind the horse spoils the illusion of space between the model and the backdrop.  Not too bad, though, for an iPhone shot with a desk lamp.