Weekly Star Farmer 1950s 2207 Part I

Listening: Uncle Tupelo.   Saw Son Volt live a couple of weeks ago.  Sorry, but when Uncle Tupelo broke up, Wilco definitely got the short end of the lead singer stick.

I almost left enough time to do this project not at the last minute.

I'm going to Lemmonade Live model horse show again this year and decided that it would be a good justification for making the Foal Dress.  I tend to leave high-stakes sewing projects until I've "earned" them, which means I get bogged down in dead-end, or at least less-interesting, projects and never get to the ones I want to do the most.  And this one needs to be made.

I bought the Moda Purebred Bluegrass Foals in coral red about a year ago.  The foals are about three inches.  I love love love this:

Love.  This.

The problem was that I loved it so much I couldn't choose a pattern.  I wanted late 1940s or 1950s, and I wanted one with a plain bodice and a skirt that had no more than four panels and because I didn't want to cut up the foals. But I could not settle on a pattern.

The one that kept bobbing back up to the surface was 2207:

I got this early-1950s mail-order pattern a few years ago.  It was sold through the Weekly Star Farmer but 2000 series patterns are often Pattern Bureau (I suspect they were published without the brand on the insert to make them easier to market through various magazines).  It also exists as Pattern Bureau 2911 (1950s) and 2593 (probably later 1950s, by the illustration style and model's hair).  I'd love to find an ad for it in a magazine to get a better date.  Notice that all of these are 2000-series numbers:

Anyway . . . I already had a fabric picked out for 2207 and didn't want to duplicate since I have so many patterns, but I finally decided that that was ridiculous and I should suck it up and make two.  They won't be anything alike--the other fabric is a lavender/gray/cream abstracted floral print and will probably have lavender revers.  2207 has everything I want: Big skirt with only four panels, plain bodice (with extended shoulders, no less, to fit more foals on!), big pockets, some design elements but not enough to interfere with a big fabric print.

Mine is a size too small and will need the usual fit alterations in addition to being resized, but I traced the bodice and drew cut-and-slash lines last night: