Skirt rescue

I have to do a little handwork on this over lunch because one of the side seams was cut badly when the skirt was made, but I'll probably get to wear this tomorrow.

I got this flower-printed skirt at Goodwill last fall:

I love the flowers and I totally have tops I can wear with it, but it had this sparkly gold elastic waistband that didn't match, was too big for me, and was kind of stretched out:

And was also messily applied (I thought at first it might have been a DIY chop job):

Plus, it didn't have pockets, and y'all know how I feel about pockets.  So I took off the waistband, opened the side seams part-way from the top, and added inset pockets and a new covered elastic waistband.  The fabric isn't the same texture but the color is a good match and it's not that noticeable.