Weekly Star Farmer 1950s 2207 Part II

So I finished grading 2207 up to a 16/bust 34, added 3/4" extra length to the bodice, and widened the upper back by an inch.  I thought about doing a small FBA but then decided I'd try it without because this cut tends to be a bit blousy.

Muslin 1 wasn't bad but it was still too short all around (I checked ; the pattern doesn't say it's a petite) and the front was especially short, and there were drag lines around the bust.  I added another 1/2" length everywhere and did a 1" FBA, which helped a lot.  You can't tell here, but the bodice magically turned into the pattern illustration:

Ignore the drag lines around the neck--there is extra fabric there because the seam allowance isn't actually seamed into anything.  When the collar is attached and folded back, there will be more room for my neck.

It turns out that this sews up really quickly so I went ahead and cut the first bodice out of the first fabric I'd chosen, because if I mess up, I have enough to re-cut it.  I still need to get contrast for the collar and pocket cuffs but I can do that this coming weekend.  I don't need it to be finish-able quite yet, I just need to be able to tell it will work before I use the foal fabric.

I love these buttons but Joann only had one card, so fingers crossed that they restock.

Fiesta sewing weights:

I think I'm going to like this when it's done.