Simplicity 1981 5330 nightgowns #2 and #3

Listening: Wilco.  Somebody else in the crowd at the Drive-By Truckers show said his girlfriend called Wilco a "guy band", and that girlfriend is totally right.  I guess a lot of the bands I like are pretty much also guy bands, but . . . I think Wilco is never really going to be my thing.  I like some of _Mermaid Avenue_, I guess. 

I finished my string blocks this weekend.  It's too big for the design wall so I'll have to lay it out in the living room and then spend all my time shooing the cats away from it.

One of my jersey nightshirts DIED, big time, so new pajamas were in the works.

Simplicity 5330 is a nice yoked nightgown pattern that sews up really fast.  I made it a couple of years ago from a mint green bedsheet, and also adapted it to a coverall apron.

I made one two weeks ago from a novelty shark print, because why not?

I had two pieces of fabric that I liked but didn't know how to use (1 1/2 yards of the white, 2 of the pink, but it had a gash in the middle) so . . . colorblock nightgown.

I'm almost done, so I'll probably only do the one post.  

This is Simplicity 5330, which I've made before, with the front yoke converted to a crossover.  I crossed it backwards, yes, because I messed up the bias binding on the right-hand side.  Oops.

But I just have to bind the armscyes and do the hem and it will be done.  Super fast pattern.