Weekly Star Farmer 1950s 2207 Part III

I started with the purple print because I was less attached to that.  It's going OK.  The skirt doesn't really have enough shape--it fits but only just--and it was VERY short-waisted.  I'm still not sure the bodice is long enough.

I found a good contrast purple and buttons:

The collar is applied in two halves, which I didn't like as it both looked weird and seemed like a structural weak point.

So I redrew the pattern to be seamed in the back:

Test collar.  I ended up reshaping it some:

But there it is:

The pattern said to sew the underside to the dress and then whipstitch the top over the seam, but I sewed the top (purple) of the collar to the dress and am ladder-stitching the underside over the seam allowance, which is working well:

So far.  It will have two pockets.  I don't have a lot of time, though, to do the Foal Dress so I need to only go so far as making sure this fits and then start on the foal fabric:

I'm a bit worried, though.  I really want to like the Foal Dress, especially, and I'm not convinced I will.