Butterick 1977 4888 pindot quatrefoile chambray 02

Better pictures later: I took this at midnight-something this morning because I was bound and determined to wear it to the Stray Birds show tonight.  Yes, I'm tired.

It's 95% awesome.

I need to finish a little topstitching in the front and I flubbed the buttons on the skirt fly.  I need to add one right below the waist seam to prevent gaping.  Those are easy fixes, though.

Other thoughts:
1) The upper back width is right on the line.  It fits closely.  It could maybe do with 1/2 inch or so added width, but it's not critical. 
2) The sleeves were a [bleep]show to fit and need a little adjustment.  Sleeves and I are not friends.
3) The upper chest is baggy and I need to figure out how to fix that without messing up the shoulders.  I think the princess seams will make this easier but I will need to muslin it to make sure.
4) Mom thinks the waist is a bit long.  I must have overdone it when I altered it the first time.

Mostly, though, it's awesome and I think I will end up making a billion variants.


Mrs Rat said…
I can see why you're planning on lots of versions of this pattern! It's a classic. A dress you can wear anywhere and all the time.