Simplicity 1996 9880 wearable muslin

I chickened out on the coral Cloud 9 fabric and went instead for one that I liked but that would disappoint me less if the dress failed: A faux-ikat print from Joann's.  It's a little stiff but basically decent quality, and, while I'm not wild about it, it would be a good dress for work.

I wasn't feeling the puffy sleeve for this project so I experimented with drawing a fitted sleeve pattern from the existing armscye.  And it freaking worked.  I need to tweak it a little--I think the sleeve cap is a bit too narrow--but the result looked like a normal sleeve piece and fit the armscye.

I set the neck facing, sleeve bands, and skirt band on the perpendicular, just because.

I feel like it looks better in real life.  It's sort of eye-watering in pictures.

Really, really, need an actual mirror.