Chicken Dress revisit

Listening: Dirk Powell.

I was right: I boogered up the waistband on the Chicken Dress. Forgot to add seam allowance. I also messed up the markings. The original pattern piece was a disastrous mish-mash of markings, anyway.

I spent last night redrafting it as two pieces, and then I made separate pieces for View 1 (one-piece front) and View 2 (button front), so that View 2 could actually use its button front for ingress and wouldn't need a side zipper. So I have like four waistband pieces now: Back, View 1 front, View 2 front, View 2 front lining (which is shorter because View 2 front folds over it).

Now I just have to figure out how to do the front skirt closure. I guess technically it's a placket, but the placket directions I'm finding are for much narrower plackets (like sleeve plackets or openings on baby clothes): This one will probably have concealed buttons. Maybe I need to Google "concealed buttons" or something instead. My guess is that the skirt will have to have an offset front seam, which is fine since it's rather full and gathered, anyway; it won't really show, with some kind of strips sewn into the seam. I'll have to mess with that. I can't remember how I did it on the failed pioneer dress, but maybe the placket is still there if I get the skirt out (I took the dress apart to reuse the fabric).

Update: Saved by Male Pattern Boldness! I didn't need a placket--I needed a concealed button fly! Doh! Why didn't I think of that before? I guess this is what comes of not wearing pants.

It occurs to me that I should bop on down to Goodwill and get a pair of button-fly pants to use as reference. Good grief. I've been trying to figure out how to do this since I started the Chicken Dress, and the answer was right there all along.

I also re-cut the sleeve slightly so that the underarm seam would match, and I fixed the sleeve on McCall's 4966-A. I forgot to do the neck facing on that one, though, but it will take about ten seconds so I can do it tonight.

For the record: This means I've made progress on #24 of yesterday's heart-stopping To-Do List post.