V-Neck Sweater Vest: Part IV, and new animals

We went to a baseball game Friday night.  Not that there isn't a lot to watch at baseball games, but there is also a lot of time to knit.  I'm almost done with the second ball of yarn and it's time to measure before I either continue the back or start the short-rows in the front.

One of the vendors at our favorite local antique mall bought a collection of Breyers.  Most of them were just a little too battered to be of interest, but there were a few real gems.  One of them was a Grey Badger II; I posted about my own on April 2.  I don't need a duplicate but I might go back and check his price to see if he'd be worth reselling.

Pictures are borrowed from Identify Your Breyer until I get my camera recharged.

I did get a Classic Lipizzaner.  I think this is probably the later #700393 (1993-1998) because of its weird gray shading.

I also ended up with another "Just About Horses" 1989 special run Quarter Horse Yearling.  Yes, I could have saved myself the trouble!  But this one is signed by Peter Stone.

Finally, I couldn't pass up the 1997 Sears special run black Shire.

They all need some clean-up but they're in great shape and I didn't have to pay postage, especially on that Shire.

I passed up a couple of china animals but finally decided to keep a Royal Doulton miniature chow-chow (1944-1977).  $8.25.