Past Patterns 803 Round Dress: Part V

Mispickel's debut cat-on-sewing-project pictures.  I feel like I'm an official dress blogger now that I have a cat to interfere.

That's my mother's 1967 Singer 600E Touch N Sew in a deluxe custom-built table.  This machine is a real workhorse.  I love it.  It's spoiled me for pretty much all other machines.  Why anyone would have a bobbin system other than one like this one's is entirely beyond me.

Of course, expensive sewing patterns are really just cat beds:

I didn't get a picture of her chewing on it, though.

She also kept climbing into my lap to chew on my hands while I did handwork.  Sigh.  I did get some done, though.  I got the skirt seamed up the back and the pockets installed.  I debated pockets but  finally decided that, since I didn't want to cut or faux-seam the skirt, I'd use "colonial pockets" (my term) like the ones in Simplicity 4714 (1943), one on each side.  I'm also cheating by skipping the dog-leg skirt closure and added a continuous-lap placket in the center front.  Incorrect, yes, but it will be covered by an apron.  Sorry.